High Quality Canvas Prints

Looking for a high quality, ultra-lightweight Canvas Print?

Then look no further than JJP Print, put your favourite photo, picture or design on to a quality canvas.

Perfect for your own home, as a gift, for the office, hotel, nursery or care home.
Our Canvas Prints are ultra lightweight, very robust  and use all the latest technology and Printed Here in house at JJP Print Pocklington all canvas prints are fully backed and Ideal for those walls which are non weight baring and guaranteed not to stretch.
Care Homes and Nurseries are using these due to safety aspect with them.
Canvas prints are available in the following sizes :
12 x 8, 12 x 12, 16 x 12, 20 x 16, 24 x 20, 30 x 20
So email info@jjpprint.co.uk with your photo, picture or design, and let us do the rest.

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